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Life & Business Coach in San Diego,
Laura Hendershot

Laura Hendershot started her own company at 22, which grew eventually grew to 60 employees with $10 million in Sales (see Union Tribune Article) .  She was named Small Business Exporter of the Year for the SBA, and nominated "Entrepreneur of the Year" four years in a row by Ernst & Young and Merrill Lynch.  While debating the benefits of NAFTA locally, she was invited to White House for Historic NAFTA Products Day, & chosen by President to return for several televised events. She has appeared on PBS's "Nightly Business Report", as well as numerous local programs, and her company was featured in Business Week, GQ and Vanity Fair. The youngest student ever at Lane College, she was also the youngest Board member ever for Electronics Industries Association (EIA) in Washington, DC. 

A student of the Graduate School of Coaching, she was honored and privileged to receive most of her coach training directly from the late, great Thomas Leonard, the individual who created the field of coaching and founder of Coach U, the ICF (International Coaching Federation) and the Schools of Coaching.  She was honored to be chosen, along with with Susan Austin and Michael Cooper, to found and serve on the Board of the 5,000+  member International Association of Coaches  She serves on the Board of IBELTI,  (International Business Education Leadership Training Institute), a Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) for the United States Agency for International Development (USAID)   She also serves on the Executive Board for the San Diego Professional Coaches Alliance.   Laura  lives with her husband and three children in North San Diego County, and coaches clients by phone throughout the world! Call her at  888-720-9294 to schedule a free introductory coaching session.

Laura works with...
  • Executives wanting to accomplish more with less effort
  • Non-profit boards and start-up organizations
  • Working mothers who want more balance
  • People who want to start their own business
  • Entrepreneurs that want to easily expand their business
  • People who want to get in to shape-mentally, physically & spiritually
  • Individuals experiencing loss through bankruptcy, divorce, or death
  • People who need a business plan
  • Professionals that want to get their business on the web
  • People who want to look and feel younger
  • Entrepreneurs that want more media attention for their business
  • People looking for a coach that works with their body, mind & spirit!
  • People who want to formulate & strategize new ideas
  • folks who want more success in any aspect of their lives
  • People who want more fulfillment in their chosen path

    Coaching Approach/Philosophy
    Imagine what it's like to have someone in total alignment with your goals. Someone whose support is absolute and unwavering, and who is only interested in your agenda. Only work with me if you are ready to live your vision.

    Question for you...
    Visualize your path to fulfillment. Are you ready?

    Call me for a free consultation

    (888) 720-9294

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    We coach clients by phone throughout the US and Canada.  Is life coaching for you?
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