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We do most of our coaching by telephone, which allows for a very efficient use of  our time together. We start with an coach-client interview, and if the client and coach are in alignment, we set a weekly time for our sessions. We'll give you an  intake package, so that we can get familiar with your background and goals, and weekly coaching prep forms so that we can see your progress and those areas of life you'd like to address with your coach.  

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 Please Note:  Your Coaching Fee May be Tax Deductible
Expenses of continuing education undertaken to maintain and improve business and professional skills may  be tax-deductible (Treas. Reg. 1-162-5. Coughlin VS Commissioner, 203F 2d 307).  Please consult your tax advisor.


We coach clients by phone throughout the US and Canada.  Is life coaching for you?
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